Help Jordan out!

Our friend Jordan Reyne needs a hand.

She's alone in a foreign country trying to get a good footing for a new life. She works damned hard, she's a bloody good musician and she's incredibly brave.

Recently she was subject to an awful series of misfortunes, finding herself without essential music gear, homeless and no place to practice or perform online.

This essentially stripped her from her livelihood and without basic funds to get started again, it's almost impossible for her to get back on her feet.

The benefit concerts were amazing!

The benefit concerts at Idle Rogue on Saturday, April 7, 2012 were a great success and thanks to the generosity of all the wonderful people that participated, the total donated amount was L$412078.


This truly is a moment to remember and the funds are high enough to make a difference for Jordan in her real life. So heartwarming!!!

Thanks a lot to everything that was part of this event, in particular the artists who played: Pol Arida, Guerilla Burlesque, Russell Eponym, Mel Cheeky, Marvin feat. G.Bevin, Brendan Shoreland, Lisa Brune, Rara Destiny, Dragonfly, Loreen Aldrin, PT Beardmore, Lyrica Acoustic, and Liz Aday.

... a shout out to the wonderful people that organized it all: Chryblnd Scribe, Thea Dee, and all the people who gave time to assist with hosting the event.

Buy Jordan's music

If you missed the benefit, you can still help Jordan by donating (see button at the top of the page) or by buying her albums. Below are her last two albums, listen to them, and if you like the music, click the Buy buttons.