Idle Rogue is eight years old

Idle Rogue - a Second Life icon for eight years

Happy Birthday Idle Rogues, your community is eight years old on November 8th. A brief origin story exists over on the old blog, but the story is long and has many twists. Some of our highlights from the last eight years?

The Most Wonderful Parties
The Most Wonderful Parties

Happy Birthday Idle Rogues, one and all. You make me smile every day, and you add one thousand nuances to my Second Life – chry xx

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  1. I know this may be a long shot, but back in my SL hay days, I was obsessed with Digby Small’s voice. Then, life happened, SL was unplugged in my life, and so was the computer that held all of my Digby Smalls Mp3s. I since ran across one, count it one, video of Digby on youtube and remembered all of his songs that I used to listen to. I have also since learned that he unplugged from SL long, long ago. So, I have two questions. One, does anyone have personal copies of the said Mp3s or know how to access them? Two, does anyone happen to know Digby Smalls RL name so I can search to see if he has recorded anything in RL that may be available for DL? Help a sister out 😉

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