Guerilla Burlesque


 dance entertainment, performance art … and a little burlesque

Guerilla Burlesque is the dance entertainment juggernaut touted across Second Life as the show to see, and the show to be seen at.

Guerilla Burlesque was formed in 2011, with the intention of performing as a “flashmob”, but impromptu performances are difficult to co-ordinate in Second Life, and it wasn;t too long before a band of friends were building a theatre to perform dance shows for an Australian audience (who never came, as it happens. Where the bloody hell are ya?)

The show focuses on state-of-the-art performance and tight production, and is designed to present maximum entertainment in a pacy, one hour format. Across the years it has become the benchmark for dance productions, attracting some of the finest entertainers in the virtual realms, and exploring production formats and dance-based entertainment with the valued assistance of the Metaharpers of Second Life and other roaming content creators

Contacting us

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Guerilla Burlesque wrapped it’s third season for 2015 on December 26th. A new season is tentatively scheduled to begin on February 12th, 2016. Shows are held at the Acuo Theatre on Idle Rogue on Friday nights at 7pm and Midnight.


Producer/Director: chryblnd Scribe

Public Relations: Aubreya Joszpe