Idle Rogue

Idle Rogue is a simulated environment in the Virtual World of Second Life. It was established in November of 2008, and was always intended to be a community centered around a place. It’s focus has been music, nurture, and creativity, and the sim currently supports a group of over 1000 members.

The sim currently hosts the following ventures:

After Dark on Idle Rogue – Meegan Danitz’s effortless combination of sassy and classy makes After Dark one of the most popular live music venues on the grid. Meegan and her staff go to great lengths to make every arrival feel warmly welcomed, and her schedule of events features the very best of live music entertainment, with gigs four nights a week

The Metaharpers & Idle Rogue Co-Operative – Currently providing a home for Gloriana Maertens intricate “Mayfair” stage, you can also find here the Interactive Dance Gallery, an exciting and immersive experience that allows you to access some of the best-loved works from the SL Dance community and cast yourself in the role of principal dancer. All you need  – stage set, music and choreography, but not costume – is provided, making this a unique art experience you can share with friends or on your blog.

Guerilla Burlesque at the Acuo Theatre – the thriving dance entertainment revue presenting works by 30 dancers in weekly shows that are widely regarded as amongst the finest productions on the grid

The Terrace Ballroom – Overlooking the Bashley Gastropod, the Terrace Ballroom features a small live music stage on a chequered terrace with a glasshouse roof. Seating is provided and this semi-outdoors environment shines as a venue for whimsical parties and specialty events.

The Bashley Gastropod – Rebecca Bashley’s 800 prim snail is a beloved feature visible from all over the sim, floating quietly in the reeds behind the Acuo to a height of some 50 metres, this brass and teal-stained glass edifice has a safe home on Idle Rogue as a thing of beauty.

The Falls Stage – Harking back to Idle Rogue’s origina as a festival venue for live music, The Falls stage is an arena stage with a waterfall background that has presented some of the best loved acts in Second Life. Claim a place on the gentle slope and enjoy the outdoor venue with a late summer vibe.

The Underground – a club venue hosting DJs and parties beneath the Acuo Theatre