Roguery Camp at Burn2 Opens Saturday October 15


Roguery Camp designed and built by Gloriana Maertens and Thea Dee
We can’t show you too much, because you HAVE TO BE THERE

Every year the Idle Rogues pack water bottles and and glowsticks into sturdy backpacks and make our way to the virtual Playa for Burn2 – The Burning Man Festival in Second Life. We have set up camp there for the past four years and we think of it as not just a group experience but an opportunity to engage with the wider art community. We traditionally relocate all of our live music and DJ events to Camp Roguery, and we encourage all members of the Idle Rogue group to think of it as their base. Additionally the Guerilla Burlesque team devise and construct various dance entertainments to lure you into your fatigues and out into the desert sun.

Burning Man’s theme this year is Da Vinci’s Workshop, calling on the richness of a renaissance inner mind – projects on the go, ideas that might change everything, devices for functionality and beauty in nature and engineering. Camp Roguery’s focus this year has been on applying our modern filter to those noble notions, and the camp build and the entertainments we will present are mindfully chosen to enhance the virtual playa experience for all.

Gloriana Maertens and Thea Dee were responsible for the design and build of the camp. Thea continues on throughout the event as both site manager and community liaison for Camp Roguery. The soaring build is a simple and elegant gesture to Da Vinci’s passions, with gorgeous functional details added in to enhance the main experiences of the camp, which are our entertainment events.

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